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Store Policy

Because We Care

We founded TheKnitFit.Co with one goal in mind: giving our customers a fair, rewarding and enjoyable shopping experience. Our store policies are detailed below, please have a look and contact us to learn more!

- We do not accept returns due to the current Covid-19 situation. 

- We don't accept Debit/Credit/Master Cards.

-We do not accept COD (Cash on Delivery) at the moment. 

-We also accept paytm payment transfers for people living in and out of the state

-Please do keep in mind that deliveries out of Mumbai will cost an extra fee due to transportation expenses.

At the beginning of our venture, due to the overwhelming response we received through our customers, we weren't able to complete all the orders we received by ourselves and required a little bit of help from our fellow Didi's . We want to thank them for all the help they gave us and still do.

 We want everyone to understand that we do pay them for their kind work and appreciate everything they have done for us!

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Store Policies: Store Policies
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